Our Restaurant

A cooking vessel filled with tradition. A synonym to flavor. Seven letters, oozing unique local fragrances and aromas. All this together and even more, in 1983, gave Mr. Nikos, owner and director of this enterprise, the idea to create a traditional venue in Vathi, Sifnos. There, in an idyllic island landscape that looks as if it came out of an old Greek film,the distinguished visitors would have the opportunity to taste a variety of local flavors. In this setting, you can easily imagine people dancing and singing just like in the old Greek movies, giving a pure traditional vibe and island rhythm in the atmosphere.
There, tables on the water’s edge, where the wave breaks and the thirsty sand embraces the sea-foam, you have the chance to savour recipes which are now world famous, such as goat casserole with dill and local wine, local chickpea burgers, cheeseballs and so many more wonderful dishes.
Having as a personal goal the satisfaction of his visitors, Mr. Nikos places great importance on the quality of the ingredients he uses. As he says, “the raw material is the most important factor for the best quality”. For this reason, he uses products of his own livestock farming, as well as from his own vegetable garden. In recent years, he also provides his restaurant with homemade cheese from his own cheese dairy while at the same time supporting only Greek producers whom he chooses carefully by examining the quality of their products.
We are awaiting you for the ultimate journey of flavors…

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