Tsikali Farm-Cheese Dairy

Mr Nikos’s father started the farm to meet his family’s needs, and he could never have imagined what this farm would become in the future. When Mr. Nikos opened the restaurant he needed to supply his business exclusively with pure products and so his father’s farm got another perspective in supplying the restaurant with pure raw materials such as meat and vegetables for quality recipes with unforgettable flavors.
Mr. Nikos learned traditional cheese making from his father and when he realized the demand for local and handmade cheeses from restaurant customers, he decided to push his farm a step further and make a big investment. Therefore, in 2015, the cheese dairy in Artemonas was created and was laterbeen taken over by one of Mr. Niko’s sons, George. George learned the art of cheese making and now supplies the “Tsikali” restaurant with local cheeses produced exclusively with traditional techniques. Cheeses are made from sheep and goat milk from the farm and are produced in small quantities to keep their character and quality unchanged. The quality of their traditional cheeses such as “ksinotiri”, “manoura”, “tirovoli” and “krasotiri” make their reputation widely known throughout Greece as they now supply businesses in Athens and Thessaloniki.
The secret of its taste is pure milk of good quality and what Mr. Nikos has done with the farm and cheese dairy is to offer pure and high quality local flavors from his island, with LOVE never missing from our dish.